一般社団法人日本オートファジーコンソーシアムでは、設立当初より賛助企業会員としてご参画頂いておりますOxford Healthspan様に、以下の称号を付与いたしました。
・Global APC Executive Ambassador(海外第1号APCアンバサダー)

※Global APC Executive Ambassadorとは

Japan Autophagy Consortiumの略

Oxford Healthspan

弊法人事務局長 石堂美和子(左)、Leslie Kenny, CEO,Oxford Healthspan(中央)、弊法人代表理事 吉森保(右)

・Leslie Kenny, CEO,Oxford Healthspan, Ltdからのメッセージ
We are very honoured to work with the APC in our new capacity as Global Autophagy Consortium Executive Ambassador to bring more awareness about autophagy and its profound benefits to healthy longevity to the English speaking public. Japan leads the world in this groundbreaking research and we aim to share their discoveries to establish autophagy as one of the great scientific breakthroughs in human health. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration.

Leslie Kenny, CEO,Oxford Healthspan