We strive to disseminate high-quality information on autophagy
and promote its social acceptance.


We strive to disseminate high-quality information on autophagy
and promote its social acceptance.

The Japan Autophagy Consortium contribute to
the global health and longevity by disseminating reliable information
based on science to the general public and promoting the industrial
applications of the achievement of autophagy research.


Basic research on autophagy

Japan continues to lead the world in terms of basic autophagy research, with Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi (Nobel laureate in 2016 Physiology or Medicine for his research on autophagy). While the number of publications in the field of autophagy has grown rapidly around the world since 2000, Japanese researchers have continued to dominate the rankings in terms of the number of citations for individual papers, suggesting that important discoveries in basic autophagy research are being made in Japan.

Commercialization of the results of autophagy research

Whereas, Japan has lagged behind significantly in terms of the commercialization of the results of autophagy research. The numbers of autophagy-related patent applications, biopharmaceutical startups, and industry-academia collaboration networks in Japan have fallen behind those in Europe and the U.S. because Japan has not fully utilized the results of its basic research. As the linkage between autophagy and various diseases becomes clearer in recent years, biotech startups focused on autophagy research have been launched in quick succession in Europe and the U.S. Moreover, an industry-academia network centered on autophagy has been established in Europe. We believe that an all-Japan initiative that integrates industry, academia, and the government is vital for autophagy research in Japan to remain competitive and continue growing.


In order to further expand the autophagy research and its industrial applications in Japan,
we are establishing the General Incorporated Association Japan Autophagy Consortium with the following purpose.


Activities aimed at promoting the participation of industrial companies and ensuring recognition of autophagy by disseminating a wide range of high-quality information.

Activity Plan

We strive to promote the participation of various industrial companies in the field of autophagy by holding the symposium and other events that involve both academia and industry. To ensure the recognition of autophagy by enlightening information on and raising awareness of autophagy through web.


Activities aimed at building a foundation for the commercialization of autophagy research through industry-academia-government collaboration

Activity Plan

We pursue to ensure the scientific credibility and foster social acceptance of autophagy through the standardization of methods for the evaluation of autophagy. We will also support the matching of research themes in academia with corporate side needs and promote joint research between industry, academia, and the government, as well as the social application of research results.


Human resource development and facilitating related in autophagy research

Activity Plan

We provide effective human resource development programs by proactively incorporating the research HR needs of industrial companies participating in the autophagy field.


Establishment of a high-quality innovation ecosystem

Activity Plan

We promote commercialization through the activation of joint research between industry, academia and government, and also to accelerate research in the field of autophagy by feeding back raising issues and themes derived from the implementation phase to the research field. We also expand research resources (such as research professional, funding, facilities) in the field of autophagy in a cyclical manner by circulating these research resources through the stimulation of joint research between industry, academia and the government.


In order to achieve our objectives described above, we will engage in the above activities by recruiting academic and corporate members following the launch of this organization. We would therefore like to invite all interested parties to participate in our activities, and we look forward to your consideration.


For inquiries, please contact us at the following.